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7 September 2017

Francis Turbine of 400 kW for Madagascar

HPP is awarded the supply of a new 400 kW horizontal axis Francis turbine in Madagascar.

1 September 2017

Hydro 2017

Join us at Hydro 2017 in Séville, Spain

9th and 11th of October 2017, Stand 87

30 August 2017

Small Hydro – Latin America

Join us at the 7th annual Small Hydro Latin America conference.

December 5th and 6th in Medellin, Columbia, Stand 7.

HPP is a Bronze sponsor of the event.




27 March 2017

1,5 MW Pelton turbine in DRC

HPP is awarded a new 1,5 MW Pelton turbine in DRC

8 March 2017

2 x 2,5 MW Pelton turbines in Middle East

HPP is completing the factory final assembly of 2 x 2,5 MW horizontal 2 jets Pelton for Middle East.