HPP is very proud to belong to the 1000+ labeled solutions : SOLAR IMPULSE EFFICIENT SOLUTION.

To address environmental challenges without compromising economic growth, Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation have identified 1000+ clean and profitable solutions, and are now committed to going even further. By offering political and economic decision-makers a Guide to Solutions that can be implemented on a large scale, the Foundation will help them establish a roadmap for the adoption of much more ambitious energy and environmental programs and thus achieve their carbon neutrality objectives.

HPP has followed a rigorous assessment process led by independant experts and based on verified standards for its Optimized Hydro turbines for rural electrification.

Solutions exist that are logical more than just ecological, that can create jobs and generate profit while also reducing polluting emissions and preserving natural resources.” ensures Bertrand Piccard.

For Pierre Pisterman, CEO of HPP : “small hydroelectricity should be recognized for what it brings to the world, not only as clean energy but also as a sustainable and profitable energy, for every step: design, manufacturing, installation, operation until the refurbishment of the hydro power plant.”

This label is for HPP an acknowledgment of its objectives in terms of sustainability, profitability and environmental conservation.

Small hydro is the oldest amongst renewable energy, it’s a green energy, carbon-free, local, carbon neutral and with no waste.
Its impact on the environment respects the preservation of biodiversity and the ecological continuum.
Small hydro power plants support the local economy, directy by creating employement and indirectly by the electricity produced. It enables the development of local industries, increases the safety of people. and participate in developing education.
The small hydro power plants have an limitless life expectancy, providing optimum operation conditions and maintenance (recommended by HPP), and the rehabilitation case by case of specific elements after a decade of operation.
Small hydro also allows territories to be autonomous with a reliable and predictable energy.